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With some original porn:

“Take off your boots and breeches,” Rylan ordered, still seated in his chair like nothing important was happening. His eyes though, they remained glued to Sebastian’s. “Take them off, Sebbie.”

Sebastian fumbled with his boots, then with the laces of his britches, grateful his shirt was long enough to cover most of his nakedness. He moved when Rylan beckoned him, standing in the tiny space between the chair and desk.

“On the desk.” Rylan was still relaxed, not moving to take off his own clothes, not even moving out of the way.

Sebastian maneuvered himself awkwardly until he was sitting on the desk, hip-walking himself until he was right in front of Rylan, feet and lower legs spread wide to accomadate Rylan’s legs and the chair, thighs clamped tight in virgin nerves.

“Feet on the arms on the chair, Sebbie.”

The way Rylan kept saying his name made him shiver and his cock twitch. Sebastian hesitantly did as the captain said, placing his feet at the very edges of the arms, slipping one of his feet under Rylan’s arm at his urging. The position made him feel vulnerable, cool sea air tickling the backs of his thighs and the edges of his bottom.

“Slide your feet forward.”

Sebastian stared at Rylan, swallowing, hesitating, one hand clenched on the frame of the desk, the other around the loosened ties of his shirt.

“We can stop, if you want.” The offer was made in kind tones. Rylan’s eyes were kind, his smile was kind.

Sebastian swallowed again but shook his head. He wanted this, wanted to choose his first even if he never got the choice again. He inched his feet toward Rylan, breathing harder even as his thighs fell open. The shirt didn’t cover him anymore, leaving him bare from mid-belly down. He felt exposed and helpless but strangely excited and needy. He didn’t dare take his eyes from Rylan’s face as those ice blue eyes dropped to Sebastian’s lap.

Rylan’s lips lifted in a small smile, a single callused fingertip traced down Sebastian’s thigh, pausing and playing with the sparse hairs around his cock. “Look how pretty you are,” Rylan murmured, smiling at him.

Sebastian didn’t look down, feeling that dangerous finger swirling through his fine hair, running down to encircle his balls, barely touching his hole.

“A pretty little cock and a pretty pink hole.” Rylan grinned wicked at him. “I’m going to enjoy my new toys.”

Sebastian whimpered, couldn’t stop the shakes that made his cock jump against his stomach. “Please.”

“Please, what, Sebbie?” Rylan was teasing him again, smiling that smile that invited him to ask. Knowing full well Sebastian didn’t have a clue as to what he wanted.

“I don’t . . . I don’t know what I . . . please, Rylan.” Sebastian bit his lip, fighting the urge to babble and beg.

Rylan mercifully curled his hand around Sebastian’s cock, engulfing it completely with his long fingers and broad palm. His eyes closed, his head dropped back, hands shifting to support himself as his hips instinctively lifted in rhythm, pushing his cock into Rylan’s wondrous hand. Tingles scraped his nerves raw with pleasure, his breathing shortened into tiny pants, his nails scratched the hard wood under his ass, and his mouth dropped open, chanting Rylan’s name.

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